up to

up to
1. busy or occupied with (Freq. 3)

what have you been up to?


up to no good

Similar to: ↑busy
2. having the requisite qualities for (Freq. 2)

equal to the task


the work isn't up to the standard I require

Syn: ↑adequate to, ↑capable, ↑equal to
Similar to: ↑adequate, ↑equal

* * *

I. phrasal
a. : capable of performing or dealing with : competent or able to cope with : capable of

feels she is up to her role in the play

is now up to seeing visitors

was up to doing the job in a little over six days — Robert Bendiner

specifically : capable of carrying without strain

require a horse up to 13 stone — F.C.Hitchcock

b. : aware of and prepared for

should certainly be up to his tricks by this time

2. : engaged in especially secretly and with intentions that are bad or not altogether good

ferreting out clues as to what he was up to — R.H.Popkin

was always up to something — H.G.Wells

3. : incumbent on : devolving on : being the responsibility of

it was up to the parent to educate his child — Benjamin Fine

left the next move up to the Russians — Current History

the amount you give is entirely up to you — Agnes M. Miall

II. preposition
Etymology: Middle English
1. : as far as a designated part (as of the body or a weapon that penetrates)

sank in quicksand up to his armpits

pushed the knife in up to the hilt

was walking right into hot water … up to her neck — Elizabeth Headley

2. : to or in fulfillment of : in complete accordance with : so as to make full use of

unable to write up to their high standards

practices up to his knowledge

a. : to the limit of

guesses on the size of his wealth ran up to $2 billion — Joseph Nolan

sick leave may be accumulated up to 150 days — Careers for College Graduates

golden perch, up to a few pounds in weight, bit readily — Francis Birtles

come in sizes up to 10 cups — Jane Nickerson

freighters carry up to 12 passengers — Richard Joseph

would exempt tickets costing up to 60 cents — Wall Street Journal

carelessness may mean great agony and up to weeks in bed — J.L.B.Smith

4. : till, until

up to that date they had been generally successful — American Guide Series: Michigan

up to the war rural areas were always the dwelling place of the surplus population — S.E.Harris

5. : as far as a designated point

painted the wall green up to the side door

up to this point we have discussed chiefly the material factors — W.C.Huntington

* * *

up to
1. As far up as
2. Into the immediate neighbourhood or presence of
3. Immersed or embedded as far as
4. About, meditating or engaged in doing (informal)
5. Capable of and ready for (informal)
6. Incumbent upon
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1) as far as

I could reach just up to his waist

(also up until) until

up to now I hadn't had a relationship

2) indicating a maximum amount

the process is expected to take up to two years

3) [with negative or in questions] as good as; good enough for

I was not up to her standards

capable of or fit for

he is simply not up to the job

4) the duty, responsibility, or choice of (someone)

it was up to them to gauge the problem

5) informal occupied or busy with

what's he been up to?

* * *

up to
1 a : capable of performing or dealing with (something)

She feels she is up to her role in the play.

She feels up to the challenge.

The patient is now up to seeing visitors. [=is now healthy enough to see visitors]

1 b : good enough for (something)

Her performance wasn't up to her usual standards. [=wasn't as good as it usually is]

The hotel wasn't up to our expectations. [=wasn't as good as we expected it to be]

(Brit) My Spanish isn't up to much. [=my Spanish is not very good]

2 : doing something especially in a way that is secret and with intentions that are bad

What are they up to?

I know they're up to something, but I don't know what.

I'm sure he is up to no good.

— used to say who is responsible for making a choice or decision

“Do you want Chinese food tonight or Italian?” “It doesn't matter to me, so it's up to you.”

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you.

It is up to you to decide.

4 a
— used to indicate the place or level that is reached by something

The water was up to our knees. = We were in water up to our knees.

4 b : to or at (a specified amount, level, etc.)

Estimates for repairing the car ran from $500 up to $1,000.

The lottery is up to five million dollars.

4 c : as many or as much as (a specified number or amount)

Up to eight people can play the game.

The car holds up to six people.

The ship can carry up to 10 tons.

5 : during the time or period before

Up to this point, we have been discussing our long-term goals.

Up to [=until] that time they had been fairly successful.

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